Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Got a Liebster Award, Hooray!

Guess what! Angela over at Not Appropriate For All Audiences presented me with the Liebster Award, which goes to newish (say, blogging for less than a year?) bloggers who have less than 200 followers. I don't know how this award originated, and honestly, I'm not sure that anyone does. I tried Googling it and found that the rules are all over the place so I'm going to stick with the rules that Angela posted.

It's pretty, right?
What the heck does "Liebster" mean? It's German for "lobster." No, not really. According to Google Translate it means "dearest." That sounds a lot better than lobster to me. I'd rather have a dearest award than a lobster one, for my blog anyway, although Stanley Hudson may disagree ("Not ENOUGH lobster!" -- The Office, Season 9, Episode 8: "The Target")

I used to rock back in 2006.
So this is how it works:
  • I have to write 11 random things about myself that you may or may not want to know. 
  • Then I have to answer 10 questions that Angela has come up with. It should be 11 questions, but she's a cheater she doesn't like odd-numbered things. I wore the number 11 for a few different teams when I played hockey, so I'm down with it. "Go double ones!" as Hubs used to say.
  • Next, it's my turn to come up with 11 questions for my Liebster nominees.
  • Finally, I'll nominate 11 other bloggers for the award, notify them, and link to them. And the cycle continues. Please no award-backs.
All right, then. Let's get this Liebster party started!

11 Random Things About Me That You May or May Not Want to Know (Too Bad)
  1. I was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorders in 1994 and have been on medication ever since. Except for a few rough years, it has been managed with medication. Although I don't write about living with bipolar every single post, it does affect me daily. I'm very open about having this disease in order to fight the stigma about mental illness. Note that I have bipolar, I am not bipolar. I'm also happy to talk with anyone about the disease, whether it's to answer questions or to share experiences.
  2. I used to play hockey. I started in 1995 when I was 26 and played forward (like in the picture above), then switched to goalie when one of the teams I played on needed one. I mostly played goalie and loved it, but I think I'm a better forward. I didn't play straight from 1995 through 2007, when I quit; I mostly played on and off so I still consider myself a beginner...
    ...but my husband's photography skills make me look like a pro in this shot.
    I either just made a blocker save (with my right hand) or was about to make one.
    OK, maybe not a pro, but I at least look like I know what I'm doing.
  3. When I went back to college at age 27, which is why I had to quit playing hockey (that time), I wanted to be a veterinarian. Math and science were never my strong subjects, so I became an English major because I can read.
  4. Despite having been married twice, I've never had a wedding. The first time, I eloped. The second time, I was scheduled for surgery for chronic sinusitis but my student health insurance was going to expire the week before. While I was still searching for a full-time job, Boyfriend already had one. We knew we would get married some day, but we went to City Hall immediately to make it official. And so I could be on his insurance. And he became Hubs.
  5. When Hubs and I were still dating, he broke my face. We were in the park playing catch one afternoon. He threw the ball high up into the air; it should have been an easy catch but I was too busy talking talking talking and forgot to move my glove. The ball landed on my right eye socket and I ended up with an orbital blowout fracture that resulted in surgery.
  6. I'm missing a vertebra -- the L5 to be exact. My back never ever bothered me until this past summer, not because of the missing vertebra but because of aging normal wear-and-tear. According to my chiropractor, this congenital anomaly is common to 10% of the population. Wikipedia, however, says it's common to only 3%, and Wikipedia knows everything.
  7. I collect Star Wars Legos.
    Tauntauns need to eat, too.
  8. I am no domestic goddess except when it comes to laundry. However, I'm afraid of irons (and curling irons and flat irons) so I buy Hubs wrinkle-resistant shirts. I hate to clean. My cooking skills are limited, and I don't like to cook anyway. Though not a vegetarian, I hate to touch raw meat, especially chicken breasts because they look too flesh-like. Well, they are flesh. I can bake cookies, but only with Hubs helping out. Otherwise, I burn myself taking cookie sheets out of the oven because apparently, I don't know how to use pot holders. 
  9. I was never a cat person. I hated them. A former roommate had a cat and that thing freaked me out. It was so quiet and would sneak up on you. But back when I adopted the Princess, it was really hard to find apartments in Chicago that allowed dogs so I gave cats a try. Now I'm a full-fledged stay-at-home cat mom. (Sounds better than being on disability, don't you think?) And I've since realized that my roommate's quiet little cat was actually well-behaved.
  10. I love love LOVE cop dramas: Criminal Minds, CSI, CSI: NY, Bones, and all of the Law & Orders.
  11. I make necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Here is a shameless plug for my new shop on Etsy: Bluestocking Jewelry.

10 Questions From Angela
  1. As I love books, you probably could have predicted this one, what’s your favorite book and why?
    I have several favorite books, but seeing as I have bipolar, one of my favorites is Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. WSS tells the story from the madwoman in the attic's point of view, you know, the one in Jane Eyre. It takes place before the events in JE and describes how Rochester met his wife (the madwoman). It addresses British colonialism (which is why Hubs had to read it for class), but that isn't the reason it's my favorite. Also, I love a good backstory, and whose backstory would be more interesting that the madwoman's?
  2. What other bloggers (if any) do you currently follow? Please leave links.
    Lemon Drop Pie -- it's not a cooking blog, so don't go looking for a recipe for lemon drop pie. Ginny Marie, the author, blogs about her family and life in general.
    Noon Observations -- despite being "mortal enemies" (her words, not mine) because she's a Michigan fan and I back Ohio State, we've had some very good book discussions.
    Barroness Barren -- a childfree blog that is hilarious, though probably not to everyone's taste.
    Disclaimer: If I didn't mention your blog, and I do follow a lot of blogs, please don't take offense.
  3. What are three reasons that you think my [Angela's] blog is super fucking awesome (because of course you do)?
    First of all because you blog about living with bipolar and are not ashamed of it. Second, you swear in your posts, and although Hubs and I talk like sailors in real life, for some reason I'm hesitant to swear on my blog or even on Facebook. You go, girl! Third, you clearly have an excellent sense of humor.
  4. Do you believe in love at first sight? If so, would you also be willing to admit that you are highly delusional?
    No, but I believe in lust at first sight. I think a lot of people confuse love with lust on this first sight thing.
  5. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would spend your money on?
    I'd pay off my student loans, what else?
  6. Have you ever had a cool celebrity encounter? Please describe.
    I don't know how cool this is, but in high school, my boyfriend and I were about to enter a restaurant. Of course I wasn't looking where I was going: my boyfriend was behind me and I had my head turned to talk to him. Next thing I know, I thought I had walked into a brick wall, but I knew it was someone leaving the restaurant. I turned around to tell this person to watch where the fu@k (see?) they were going when I realized it was Mike Singletary who was a linebacker for the Chicago Bears at the time. He muttered, "Excuse me." I nearly $hit (see?) my pants. I also think this was a precursor to my not paying attention when Hubs broke my face.
  7. Okay: What’s your porn star name? – Name of First Pet + The Road You Grew Up On =
    Jovey Garden
  8. List three to five songs that have been in heavy rotation on your (iPod/CD player/cassette tape) lately.
    "Gun" by Emiliana Torrini; "She" by the London Suede; "Palaces of Montezuma" by Grinderman; "Feeling Good" by Muse; and "The Concept" by Teenage Fanclub. Note that the first 4 songs have all been featured on the BBC cop drama, Luther. Did I mention that I love cop dramas?
  9. Do you believe in miracles?
    No, but I do believe in saints. When/If I pray, it's always to a patron saint of something because I'm weird like that.
  10. If I sent you my address, would you please mail me a pair of underwear to make up for those disappointing chain letters?
    Of course.

11 Questions for My Liebster Nominees
  1. Why did you start blogging? Of course I'd ask this.
  2. Which genre do you prefer reading: fiction, non-fiction/memoir, poetry, other (sci-fi/fantasy, young adult, mysteries,/thrillers, romance etc.)?
  3. What is your favorite recipe? Please share by either posting it on your blog (let me know if you do!). Though I don't cook, I'm always on the look-out for new recipes that Hubs can try. This is how I contribute to the cooking. He has tasked me with this.
  4. Beer, wine, cocktails/spirits, or none?
  5. A friend asked this recently on Facebook: if there was a potion you could take to live another 1,000 years without aging, would you drink it? Why or why not?
  6. Have you seen any of the Star Wars movies? If so, which was your favorite? If not, how come?
  7. Have you ever had annoying neighbors? What was annoying about them?
  8. Do you play a musical instrument? If so, what do you play?
  9. Do you, like me, think the term "Black Friday" sounds like an evil, Satanic, devil-worship feast day?
  10. What was the last movie you saw? Did you like it? No spoilers, please!
  11. What was the last book you read? Did you like it? No spoilers, please!

My (Incomplete List of) Liebster Nominees
  1. A Little Over Thirty
  2. altered type
  3. always overthinking it
  4. Baroness Barren
  5. Mommy Unwired
  6. Noon Observations
  7. Winnie's Inky Fingers


  1. yey! thanks my dear Bee... ;) I hopping-ly accept it! I've never been nominated to any awards before ;) I will be posting it as soon as I got everything figured out... there is some kind of a rule doing this, right?

    hugs and kisses

    1. Yep. They're listed in the bullet points under the pink award pic above. I probably made it sound more complicated than it really is lol

  2. Bipolar isn't a requirement to be a hockey goalie… just being plain crazy is good enough. LOL

    1. Ha! That's what everyone says, but believe it or not, I actually feel safer in net. I've got a lot more padding on! lol

  3. Congratulations! Hey, you sound like quite the athlete!

    1. Thank you! I was once upon a time, but now I'm a world-class couch potato ;)

  4. Thank you sweetie!!!

    That hockey photo is unbelievable. I think I am a little scared of you now. I've been ice skating all my life and I'm pretty good at it, but I only ever tried to play hockey once. I swear I couldn't even hold the stick while skating, let alone play.

    Ok, I'm gonna answer the questions now. Thank you again for nominating me! :-)

    1. You're very welcome! No need to be scared -- it's my husband's photo skills ;) Also, when I learned how to skate it was with stick in hand, which I used for balance a lot. I'm a little nervous skating without one lol

      I can't wait to read your post!

  5. Congratulations!

    My brother would absolutely adore you for collecting Star Wars Legos. .. he does too. :)

    1. Congrats to you, too, btw! Yay for SW Legos!!!

  6. Yay Bee! You are so awesome! I updated my post and linked you in here:
    I love learning the random info. about people. I also love what you wrote about bipolar illness -- that you have bipolar, you are NOT bipolar. Yes -- people first language; I'm all about that. Also, I learned more similarities, such as I am an English major, love WSS. Do you read Woolf? Fucking love here because of the mental illness connection and she's just a great writer, very insightful. Also, love Emiliani Torrini. I thought it was me and just three other people. I guess you are one of them. Much love!

    1. Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of...mood stabilizer! lol -- thanks so much for the wonderful write-up on your blog. I really appreciate it.

      I've never actually read any Woolf, can you believe that? She's on my To Read list though. I'm thinking Mrs. Dalloway. I have, however, read Anne Sexton. I highly recommend her work if you like poetry. There's the mental illness connection there, too, plus she had awesome hair.

      I'm going to have to check out Torrini's other stuff, because all I'm familiar with is "Gun."

  7. So, what are those holes for? I would totally stick my thumbs in them.

    1. As I did! Apparently they're for hanging up the damn things. Like who, other than Martha Stewart or people like that, actually hangs up their pot holders? Ours our strewn on the counter top.

  8. Your post made me laugh.out.loud. Lobster?! thanks for the award, Bee. I accept

    1. Yay! I can't wait to read your post!

  9. Oh poor Hubs! He must have felt awful about the whole face-breaking incident! Even if it was partly your fault...totally something I would do. Actually, I did do something similar, but I just got a hairline fracture in my little finger; yours was much worse.

    Um. Those totally look like thumb holes to me. I saw in the comments you said they're for hanging them up, but I'd just keep them in a drawer beside the stove and use the holes for my thumbs anyway. However I'm famously not a cook, so what do I know?

    Congrats on your awards!!

    1. Lol -- oh, he did! He still does, poor guy.

      OK, right? And my thumbs fit through them, so what else could they have been?


  10. What a read! I'm exhausted!! Congrats and Thanks too - spreading the love. I'm going to struggle to push this on to others, but I dutifully accept, so Ta. :)


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