Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Clothespin Wreath Card Holder

While blog surfing, I saw a greeting card holder made of clothespins shaped into a wreath. I wish I could remember where I saw this so I could credit the blogger, but unfortunately, it wasn't on one of my regular reads. It was something she found on Pinterest *shudder* and looked something like this:
So amazingly cute and functional, right?
(via Holiday Kids Crafts)

I found the instructions on how to make this very wreath here, on a site called Holiday Kids Crafts. Kids? Hellz, yes! I figured if it's something kids can make, then this self-proclaimed lazy, impatient, and horrible crafter can make it, too!

Instead of using 2 different shades of plain old green, which the instructions suggest, I used green pearl and green glitter craft paint because I like shiny, sparkly things. Again, because I'm lazy and impatient, instead of painting the entire thing, I only painted one side of the clothespins, which are the kinds with the spring. I clipped them onto the side of a box with the flaps cut off -- Hubs did that part, so I wouldn't cut myself because I am also clumsy -- to make painting easier and so I wouldn't get paint all over myself. Unfortunately, the glitter paint, despite two coats, didn't provide as much coverage as say, China Glaze's Stone Cold with a top coat. I was pretty happy with the pearl, though.
Well...the glitter ones look kind of like sugar cookies with green sprinkles?

It takes about an hour for the paint to dry, but I made myself wait 3 or 4. The next step is pretty easy, but I accidentally deleted the picture from my phone. The instructions don't tell you, but 12 gauge craft wire (which I found in the Flower Section at Michaels) is nice and heavy, but yet small enough to go through the holes in the clothespin springs. That's right. You string the wire through the hole; you don't just clip the pins onto the wire.

The instructions say to buy red and green wooden beads, but where's the shine in that? I bought gold-colored plastic pony beads and I think they look cool. So I strung a glitter pin, a bead, a pearl pin, a bead, etc. I used 52 clothespins, total. Once everything was strung, I took a pair of wire cutters to cut the wire and twisted the ends together. Before doing that, make sure the clip part of the clothespin is on the inside and the clamp on the outside. Finally, I added the bow that has super cheap twist ties (next time I'm at Michaels I'm going to find a stronger bow) to the top. It ended up looking like this:
(via Pinterest, yes I went on that site to look for pics)

I was horrified at the shape. That's not a wreath -- that's a teardrop! But Hubs came to the rescue and pounded 3 nails into the wall where we hung the finished product to create a round shape. Well, we can always hang framed photos there in the off-season. Here it is:
Yay! Pin this, bitchez! Kidding.


  1. I am so making this... this is also nice to to use all year round...create a smaller version and hang it on the fridge door and clip small reminders notes, recipes, grocery list, etc... thanks for sharing dear Bee hugs!

    1. Yep! It is definitely something you can use year round.

  2. I need this! I have no way to display my picture cards! The regular folded cards stand up on the top of my piano, but this is perfect for the flat cards!

    1. We had nowhere to place any of our cards, which is why I made it. It's really easy -- the girls can help you make it!

  3. So awesome! I will try to make one next year. I am thinking they are perfect for all those photo cards you get in the mail this time of year. Love the bow you made. It looks so great!

    1. Oh, Winnie -- I can't wait to see how yours looks if you make one -- I'm sure it will be awesome! Some people cut ribbon to cover one side of the clothespin, but I didn't have the patience for that. Others glue paper onto them. No patience for that, either. But it was easy and functional!

  4. Nice! And I bet it doesn't smell like armpits. :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! It looks so much better now that there are more cards to cover my lazy paint job. lol

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