Sunday, November 18, 2012

Career Change: Bond Girl

Never mind that this occupation doesn't have much longevity. It's Day 18 of NaBloPoMo and I can't come up with anything I like! I love how this particular quiz answer even provides you with a tip. Ha! So...which Bond girl are you?

Eva Green as VESPER LYND in Casino Royale
Your profile
You're mysterious, intelligent, seductive and have a definite femme fatale streak in you!

Vesper's role
Far from being a trophy woman, Vesper has a strong character and she could easily claim to be Bond's equal. 

She stands up to him and is also in a position of power (she works for The Treasury). 

She's also classy with a capital C! Vesper redefines 007 and gets away with making snide remarks about his imposing ego.

Your Bond Girl attributes
You're subtle in your ways, very feminine and a real flirt. 

Your tools of seduction: your intelligence and general knowledge, your ease in any situation and a mysterious charm which doesn't win everyone over, but certainly makes an impact. 

You're the type of person who can easily unseat others! Independent and a bit of a feminist, you rarely need others but that doesn't make you any less generous or selfless a person. People can always count on you and your friends and family are well aware of that.

Tip: Learn to be more accessible and less haughty, especially as your sharp wit and your tendency to tease people can get you in trouble!


  1. This was the only Bond movie I've ever seen .. and you're right. .. it doesn't seem to be one of those jobs you live to complain about .. hehe ..

    Off to do the quiz myself. :)

    1. I loved this movie! Let me know what answer you get!

    2. I got Jinx.

      Not sure what that means ... but hey, some things sound like me. *shrugs* It was fun. :)

    3. I haven't seen Die Another Day, but she was played by Halle Berry, so how cool is that?

  2. I got the same one! I don't agree that the description fits me at all, though! heehee!

    1. Awesome! I know that dress wouldn't fit me at all. Hee!

  3. Replies
    1. As long as you don't mind the turn-over. ;)


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