Friday, November 2, 2012

Bored Games

My husband's family loves to play games when we get together. I don't mind, although some of the games bore me to death. Traditional card games like blackjack and poker? Boring. Scrabble? Boring.

When we get together with my family, which basically consists of my sister and her husband since we're the only ones who live in Chicago, we play mahjong, like the real mahjong with tiles, not the matching game on the computer. Not so boring, probably because we still can't remember all the rules.

Last Christmas, my...older than my husband but not older than me...sister-in-law brought Wits and Wagers and insisted we play. And pretty much, whatever she insists, goes. Who knew there was a game out there that's even more boring than Scrabble??? Wits and Wagers is part trivia, part betting, neither of which I'm good at (trivia) nor like (betting, except in mahjong because it's more like giving someone a prize -- long story). Turns out, you don't actually have to be very good at the trivia part; it's the wagering that leads to winning. Maybe if we hadn't played a bazillion rounds (ok, maybe 7), it wouldn't have been so boring. But...we did!

Then today, a friend posted the following infographic on Facebook. Maybe I'll bring the board game this year. The first choice brought me to Le Havre, which I've never heard of and may actually be in French; the gameplay revolves around something like supply and demand, though I could be wrong. Boring.

My second brought me to Cosmic Encounter, which again, I've never heard of, and consists of colonialism. As someone who comes from a once-colonized country (not the US), can I really play this without...I don't know...being a hypocrite? I'm thinking I should just bring Game of Thrones and insist on playing. And if no one wants to play, fine; I'll just sit in a corner and read. :P

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